Friday, September 21, 2007

Yeah- last night was a lot of fun. The Black Lips and the Selmanaires played here which was a good time, despite the band showing up late and never coming to the after party like they said they would. However I had fun anyways, talking a lot more with people who I had only briefly encountered before. I was sociable, very much so. Hey now. I headed back to the dorm around 1:30, and did a little late-night Spanish cramming.

I'm really glad I got involved in the PEC committee here. Not only was I able to get Mount Eerie to come next semester, but there's a lot of cool people in it, as passionate about music as I am. Okay, music snobs. Fine. But good people. Plus its fun to learn how to run sound for a show, set up the stage, etc. We also were able to work out a very solid list of bands who we would get to play Clark in January. I reaalllly want Grizzly Bear to win, but the Mountain Goat fans can be rapid. And the hip-hop ones, but those two potentials, Dead prez and Immortal Technique were also the two most expensive to book. Grizzly Bear AND Dirty Projectors. That's so awesome.

Today after doing my afternoon observation in the library I met up with Adam and we picked up Dave from Assumption, eventually to go to the Worcester art museum. They both really wanted to see Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Can which for the moment is at the museum. That's right...Worcester, MA. We took a few pictures, but apparently that was one of the few rooms where you weren't supposed to take any. One of the curators stormed in while Adam was mid pose, doing an ironic gang sign none the less. Haha,'s funny in this situation. I played semi-ignorant, saying the lady at the main desk only told us we couldn't take pictures in the Asian section, and then did the apologetic we won't do it again speech. Okay...yeah it's a classic piece of American art...I can see why they'd freak out when they see a bunch of college students parading around it from the mini semi-inconspicuous security camera that looks like a smoke alarm. Though we may pose with it as if its a costumed Disney World character, of course we'd never be destructive. I also noticed a new section either was new within the last week or I've somehow overlooked it during the previous 4 times I've been to the museum. It was a bunch of photo collages, the majority of them about war and the juxtaposition between our sheltered lives and that overseas. A few were incredibly powerful.

After that we ate at Moe's- the most glorious budget friendly Mexican foot there is. Oh and Scrub-a-Dub!! I get so much enjoyment out of car washes. I took many pictures that turned out to be really cool, not aware that Dave in the backseat was recording the entire wash. Next comes the ever so glorious Savers, where I had a few good finds: Pa Rappa the Rappa, and a few CDs most notably A Tribe Called Quest's "The Low End Theory" and Mazzy Star's "So Tonight That I Might See." No matter when you go, its alway a blast in Savers.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good- tired, but good. There wasn't anything to do on campus tonight though...we wandered around and found nothing of interest. Ehh. Whatever- If I consider last night and then the afternoon through evening of today, that's a pretty glorious 12 or so hours.

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