Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hey- I have time for an entry

There were multiple times this week where I was going to sit down and write in this, but didn't. Now I am.

What happened since the last few entries? Well I had that Spanish quiz and I after I took it I thought I had done terribly. I ended up getting an ocho out of diaz. It's funny as I had no idea if I was even answering what the quiz was asking most of the time. The first section just said : Alfabeto + NĂºmeros. Not knowing what else to do I wrote the numbers from one through ten in Spanish. For the alphabet, I just took it in English and spelled it out phonetically to how it would sound in Spanish. I completely guessed. Aa Bee Cay Dee...etc. Full-credit. Hey hey hey. The spanish text however has been on backorder still, so everyone in the class is going off of badly photocopied sheets.

I have 300 glow stars on my ceiling and a blacklight in my room. It's incredible.

This week has been overall interesting and enjoyable. I'm still doing the library observations for Psych, one of those classes that's stressful for its consistently heavy workload, but also not as it's not going to peak any higher than it already is. Plus the last two weeks of class will be presentations rather than writing papers and studying. Actually, I'm unsure if I actually have any final exams for my courses. I could look right now, but there's enough I need to do for the moment. Let's go to Thursday, as that was an odd but very entertaining day.

So our European history teacher decides to have a class at the Worcester art museum. However rather than organizing a conventional field trip with a bus and etc, we have to get there ourselves. Fine- this is college I guess, but when the majority of the class doesn't have their own cars, it's a pretty half assed plan. Rather than find an ride with someone I didn't know, I decided to take the inter-campus shuttle to WPI which is then within a short walking distance from the museum. Katie, who's also in my class came with me. She's awesome. So the thing with the shuttle is that to take it anywhere you have to ride the predetermined route...which is exactly like a bus. Fine- I never take city buses so all this is new to me. Well it goes to a ton of the colleges in Worcester, and the area each one of them is in looks completely different than the last. At one moment we were in strip club central and then the next an area of Worcester that looked suspiciously like downtown Boston. Oh and then a part that looked like Coney Island, and Mexico, and it was all very surreal. And the bus driver! He was playing this cornball 1940's lite jazz record and had this breathable faux-straw hat. I don't know what you call it, but I just googled "old person hat" and found it exactly. Then this older female college student (I think you're supposed to call them unconventional, especially given that Clark challenges convention) came onto the bus that he was familiar with- veryyy familiar with. They got to talking about wedding anniversaries, Gloria Gaynor, and Donna Summers. I believe the guy would pay to see Donna Summers but not Gloria Gaynor, but couldn't remember who sung "I Will Survive (gloria gaynor..) He then calls them both disco "divahhs" and asks if she remembers that song "I Will Survive" like it's an obscure one hit wonder track. If I were asking someone if they remembered the song "Are You Jimmy Ray?" by Jimmy Ray I would go about asking with the hesitation and uncertainty that he did. I wouldn't do it for "I Will Survive" though. Crazy Frog covered that one! Seriously now!

Guess what's in the Worcester art museum!!! Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Can!! We stared at it for almost two minutes questioning if it was the real deal. It was behind its own super protective plastic case and now that I've just looked it up it is the original.

The on the way back it was a different driver...a different driver who happened to hit a parked car, it's mirror to be exact. Afterwards he drove further than he should have, perhaps realizing oh hey, I have a shuttle-full of people along with me. I guess he didn't really do any damage so we were able to clear the scene after about a minute. weirdddd

Alright. That's good for now. I went to a party on Friday and a guy climbed a house. More on that later perhaps.

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