Friday, July 10, 2009

this weekend i am watching jessie while my parents are in corning cleaning up the house. last night she wouldn't stop hanging outside of my shut bedroom door for my parent's room. when i'd open the door she would get really excited and jump up like a meerkat to see if they were finally in the bed. though she took me upstairs a little around 12, it wasn't until almost 2:30 that I got to sleep. i first thought the was fine on my floor in her bed but then she started crying and pacing. she did the bedroom door act again. then she ran downstairs and i had to convince her to come back up. i then decided to put her in my bed which worked for an hour. then she started crying again which woke me up. finally back on the floor she went to bed. hopefully tonight will be easier.

right now i'm scanning an old journal i wrote during the summer of 95. that's what inspired me to write this entry. i just listened to robert pollard's the relaxation of the asshole for the first time. his "comedy album." pretty bad. right now i have on the wrens - meadowlarks. it's a great album.

there's this new burger at wendy's called the bacon blue. it's bacon and blue cheese along with the regular burger add-ons. it's so good.

a few weird dreams lately. i've been pretty addicted to dexter lately and i had one dream where doakes was dressed as a woman to be undercover. last night i dreamed that i met a version of myself as a little kid on a boat. apparently no one ever left the boat and i was keeping a diary of my life. i told past me to always keep up with my journal, and never let a day go by where i don't write at least something. i guess that dream inspired me to look at my old journals which then inspired me to write this. how linear. i do regret not keeping a constant journal. i've tried but i've always fallen away.