Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finals period.... is there anything to say about it that isn't a given? It obviously sucks.

I just noticed that I have people responding to posts on this blog. I never expected anyone to read anything I post here (if I did, the site itself would look a lot prettier.) Your words mean a lot, seriously. Thank you.

I'm going to get back into the journal writing habit once summer begins. It's really nice to have something to look back on. However sometimes living gets in the way of writing. A lot has happened recently, for good and for bad. I'm looking forward to sorting things out on paper/virtual paper.

So.... summer ahoy!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Earlier this week I saw the Magnetic Fields in Northampton. It was at the Iron Horse...a super small venue and incredibly intimate show. It definitely makes my top 5 shows ever. So as he usually does Dave did a recording of the show. However this time someone behind us noticed him and inquired about the recording, wanting a copy of it. They then exchanged emails. The next day Dave got back to her and found out that she knew Sam Devol's father in law and that she could get us backstage. I was a bit hesitant to believe this at first, but once we received an email from Sam himself we knew we were in. How awesome! Amazing!!! My favorite band and me getting the opportunity to hang out with them backstage. WOW!?

We finally approach the Merrit room and he's sitting alone on a couch. Sam calls him over to meet us initially and then Stephin invites us in. Before the entering we shake Stephin's hand and tell him that we really enjoyed the show. I then tell him we were also at the first show.. "First show?" "Yeah the one on Monday?" "Monday... oh yes Northampton. Both shows? ..... That's.....odd. " Oh it was amazing. Continuing the mood it was kind of an awkward invite in...he never said come in or anything of the sort. There was a bit of a gesturing move and we entered.
He sat back down and we stood around him as he signed our copies of 69 Love Songs (we gave him Disc 1 with Stephin on the cover.) Some more brilliantly awkward small talk was made. Dave gives him the album first, so when I give it to him, I want to say something and not just simply hand it over. I mumble something along the lines of "the same thing.." meaning I'm also opting for the 69 love songs vol. 1 booklet to be signed. He says "The exact same thing?" I forget what I did here... I think I laughed and said I just meant that I also have the booklet. It probably was ridiculous. The situation seemed unreal so I'm actually surprised I can remember so much as it is. Oh yeah, before Dave gives him the album he had the box set and a few photos from Monday's show printed out from CVS in an envelope. Merrit sees the envelope and inquires about it. "Oh, what's this?" Dave explains that they're pictures from the first show. Stephin thanks us and says he'll share them with the band after the tour so they don't know what they look playing until the tour is over. Dave tells him he really likes the new album. Stephin is thankful. Dave says it's a fresh sound. Stephin looks concerned. "Fresh sound?" "Well fresh for the Magnetic Fields." "Ah, yes. For the Magnetic Fields." Claudia then enters. Stephin introduces us and asks if she wouldn't mind signing her face. She was very nice, though a bit hurried saying she was in the middle of about 14 different conversations. She asked about us and we said we sorta knew Sam. We began to explain, yet it's hard to summarize a story like that. She understand it was long and strange and accepted. She then proceeded to have a conversation with Stephin (but telling us before hand that she needed to have a word with him.) They began to speak and we stayed for maybe 20 seconds or so before deciding we should head out. It was a bit odd though as before Claudia entered we asked Stephin if we could get a picture with him. He paused for two seconds and then Claudia approached. The picture was of course still in our minds after his exchange with Claudia, but it just seemed too pushy to say "so yeah...about that picture." No big loss... just meeting the band was an experience by itself. Plus having my favorite album of all-time signed by every member of the band? A treasure. Before leaving we approached Sam and thanked him again for this opportunity. Seriously, what a nice guy. What a night.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today I went to Barnes & Noble looking for another Jeffrey Brown graphic novel (I'm currently reading Unlikely and really liking it.) There was no luck. Instead of just leaving empty handed, to make my stop seem more worthwhile I checked out the Starbucks enclave. I'm no Starbucks's all much too expensive and I think no one needs to pay that much for something that temporary. Regardless, my stomach sometimes overpowers my integrity, and I'll indulge in Frappuccino. This happens more than just "sometimes" during the Fall...I'm a sucker for Pumpkin Spice. Anyways I decided to try something on the menu called the "Caffée Vanilla." It's bizarre spelling is what attracted me to it- both an attraction that was both curious and frightening. I longed to try this seemingly eccentric beverage, but at the same time the word caffée was incredibly intimidating. How do I even pronounce this? The first e is emphasized? What if the word that comes out of my mouth doesn't even remotely approximate this Starbucks coined and trademarked term. My gig will be up and I will be revealed as a Starbucks Tenderfoot in a world that is full of Eagles. They will grab me by their talons and toss me out of the store! Rather than attempt this monstrosity of this word, I decided to avoid it all together, stepping up to the register like an old pro, nonchalantly asking for a "Vanilla Frappucino. She accepts my offer and I had over the funds. I begin to settle down. Haha- I have fooled them. She must think I'm an old pro with my Starbucks slang. Yeah, I don't need to order my drink word for word. It is understood. But no- she whispers over to the drink girl that she needs to prepare a vanilla bean frappuccino. VANILAL BEAN? No sir, I think not. We had a deal here. Vanilla Bean is Blended Cream, not a frappuccino. I needed to interrupt. "Uh..I actually wanted the frapuccino...the café vanilla one."
I sound like the biggest goon on earth, my cool pedestal crumbing before my eyes. "Is there a price difference?"

Turns out there is...38 cents. Though this wasn't clear- I heard 8 cents. I reached out my palm with a quarter resting in it, something that was greeted with a blank stare. Before I began to desperately giggle my hand she repeated more slowly, "thirty-eight-cents." "Oh," I reply. "I'm going to need to give you a dollar then." Instead of accepting she decides to make the change herself, placing 13 cents from the take a penny or more bin into the register. That's a record for me...I thought one time where I didn't have to pay 3 cents was a big deal, but this was groundbreaking. Groundbreaking yet strange. It's difficult to react to something like that. I have another "oh", but this one followed by a "thanks" and slowly placed the dollar back into my wallet, another first. I walked out with my new drink. There definitely wasn't enough vanilla. I drive home with the thought in my mind to log on to the Starbucks website and look at the menu. ...Café Vanilla.

Friday, January 4, 2008

It is the new year. Welcome 2008. A fully expect a hover board this year. We have 8 years left to develop one...otherwise Back to the Future 2 will be a complete lie.

I haven't updated this in- a year! Gee. No but honestly its been a few months. What's up? I have a girlfriend now. I saw Juno. Things are good. Two days ago I went Monster mini golfing with Eric, Kathryn, Owen and Matt B. Glow in the dark. Super cool.

Well just checking in.