Saturday, September 8, 2007

Halloweeeeeen. The king of all holidays. Though there's almost 2 months until the date, I'm beginning to feel it. It's still suspiciously warm outside, so staring down animatronic-hand candy bowls and Leatherface masks feels a bit odd when its 95 degrees, but I'll look past that. September 1st is a fine date to put out Halloween decorations. However I was in a Walgreen's in late August that already had giant pumpkins and fake rats on its shelves...rather than thrilled I was offended. If it's not labor day weekend, its still Summer. Duh.

Leaves are already starting to change. It hasn't rained in a lot time, so everything is really dry which speeds up the change. Okay I guess. Anything that ends Summer and this terrible Summer-Autumn segue period. Seriously the worst time of the year.

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