Monday, October 29, 2007

Friday was fantastic. Amazing. Wonderful. I was the happiest I've been in quite a while. At least since the of Montreal show. Coincidently tonight I saw a show. It can then be inferred that great shows = happiness for Matt.

So before the show Dave came down from Assumption and we jammed (though I hate that word, that's what we did) for a while before going to Moe's and a carwash. We recorded a few versions of a song I wrote entitled Lonesome Seal. We're still working it out. After that we went down to the Grind to help setup for the Uncle Monsterface show that night. The show- completely blew my expectations off the wall. For a completely obscure band, they had an amazing show. It was kinda like Gwar, with over the top costumes and skit segues between songs, but rather than sinister it was joyous. They began with a sound check song, a song about the soundchecking, then segueing into a cover of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" which the entire venue danced to. I loved how they played the show like it was packed, despite only about 30 - 40 in attendance. There was a projection screen set up that they interacted with in perfect time, as well as used for a screen for Super Mario Bros, inviting an audience member to play while they performed a song with all their energy focused on him. Let's see... there also was "pass the animal," throwing inflatable animals around the venue and trying to keep them afloat during the entire song. Lastly we got a dance contest with a dance-o-meter and then went up on stage to dance with various props for the last song. So awesome. After the show I went over to Joe's for a party which the band also was at. Really cool guys. The party was fun...I went out out my shell and danced...a lot. I cannot resist "Take on Me." ...and the Unicorns! Of course.

Saturday and Sunday I practically didn't leave my dorm. Actually I only left my room on Saturday to pee and head downstairs to pick up the Chinese I ordered. I need to stop doing this. My back really hurt from Friday night though so the least thing I wanted to do on Saturday night was roam around Clark. I was kinda depressed that night and went to bed at 11 pm. Absurd, I know. I then woke up around 2am, really tense and sweating. Not sure why...that usually doesn't happen to me. I took a shower and then went back to bed. 12 hours of sleep that night. I woke up feeling great.... a fantastic night's sleep is a powerful thing. Sunday...I did a lot of work, as I did Saturday afternoon. Nothing much else of interest.

Today's Monday. Boring day. But get this!! I got a Morrissey ticket for $20 for his show tomorrow!! Fuck this no music thing for this's impossible. I'll be excited for that, despite how I'm just a little discontent now. I hesitate too much.

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